Precision - Quality - Quantity

Problems are to be solved

Most graders on the market measure fish by thickness for the simple reason that filleting machines are designed on the concept of fully utilizing a fillet. Yet most thickness-graders have definite problems, the raw material is roughly handled through, shaking, squeezing, and abrasion.

Style International has for many years concentrated on solving these problems. Research and development has focused on finding a precise method of quickly and reliably grading raw material by thickness and without causing any damage.

High capacity without sacrificing quality

Style graders are designed to precisely grade delicate raw material such as fish with high capacity. A grading free of harsh treatment, such as vibration and abrasion, and low water requirements ensure that raw material loses neither weight nor quality.

Nylon belts carry the raw material for grading in up to 10 grades (depending on species). Grading channels that can be width-adjusted to a fraction of a millimeter, guide the precisely graded raw material to the conveyors.

But accuracy is not everything. Quantity is of great importance. All Style graders are designed and built for high capacity. The grading belts can travel at a speed of up to 2.5 meters per/second (depending on species).

Examples of capacity per/hour:
  • herring/mackerel - 50-55 tons into 8 grades in a 22-channel grader.
  • capelin - 25-28 tons into 8 grades in a 30-channel grader.
  • shrimp - up to 5 tons into 8 grades depending on machine size.

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